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Finasteride | Hair Growth

Finasteride | Hair Growth

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5mgx30ml bottle 

What does fina.steride do exactly?

It works by stopping testosterone (a sex hormone) turning into another hormone called dihydrotestosterone (DHT). DHT can cause your prostate to grow bigger. It can also stop your hair growing. 

fina.steride stops DHT being produced and this helps shrink your prostate and reduce hair loss.

Oral fina.steride promotes scalp hair growth and prevents further hair loss in a significant proportion of men with male pattern hair loss. With its generally good tolerability profile, finasteride is a new approach to the management of this condition, for which treatment options are few.

Studies conducted in that past have shown about  90% of the men taking fina.steride found that their hair loss stopped within six to 12 months, and 66% even reported regrowth. In contrast, the entire placebo group experienced hair loss.

Side note : stack with our tadalafil found under male enhancements, finasteride can effect libido . Using tadalafil will help combat this.
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