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  • Increase Muscle Tissue
  • Crazy vascularity 
  • Drying properties 
  • Hardening effects 
  • Increase Power
  • Fat Mass Reduction Properties
  • Joint Healing Properties
  • Best used 8 weeks
  • PCT with clomifen needed 

Stack well with:

GW501516, MK2866, MK677, RAD140.

S4 Andarine, also known as Andarine or GTx-007, is a selective androgen receptor modulator (SARM) developed to treat muscle wasting conditions and osteoporosis. It has gained popularity in the fitness and bodybuilding community due to its potential to enhance muscle mass and improve physical performance. In this in-depth review, we will explore the uses, functions, benefits, and dosages of S4 Andarine.

Uses and Functions: S4 Andarine primarily functions as a partial agonist of androgen receptors in skeletal muscle and bone tissue. Its mechanism of action involves binding to androgen receptors and stimulating the receptor's activity, leading to an increase in protein synthesis and muscle growth. It exhibits a high affinity for androgen receptors in the muscles and bones, while showing minimal activity in other tissues, which sets it apart from traditional anabolic steroids.


  1. Muscle Mass and Strength Enhancement: S4 Andarine is renowned for its ability to promote lean muscle mass gains. Users often experience noticeable improvements in strength, endurance, and overall physical performance. It can help athletes and bodybuilders achieve a more ripped and aesthetic physique.

  2. Fat Loss: Another significant benefit of S4 Andarine is its potential to aid fat loss. It has been reported to enhance lipid oxidation, leading to a reduction in body fat. Users often experience improved muscle definition and vascularity as a result.

  3. Bone Health: S4 Andarine can contribute to improved bone density and strength. This is particularly beneficial for individuals with osteoporosis or those at risk of developing bone-related conditions.

  4. Improved Endurance: Users have reported increased stamina and endurance during workouts while taking S4 Andarine. This can be advantageous for athletes and fitness enthusiasts looking to push their limits and achieve better results.

Dosage and Administration: The recommended dosage of S4 Andarine typically ranges from 25 to 50 milligrams (mg) per day. However, it is crucial to note that dosages can vary depending on factors such as experience, desired results, and individual tolerance. Due to its relatively short half-life of approximately 4-6 hours, it is commonly split into multiple doses throughout the day.

It is essential to adhere to proper dosing guidelines and consult with a healthcare professional or fitness expert before starting any SARM regimen. Post-cycle therapy (PCT) may also be necessary to restore hormonal balance after using S4 Andarine.

Potential Side Effects: While S4 Andarine is generally well-tolerated, it is not without potential side effects. The most notable concern is its tendency to cause vision-related issues, particularly a temporary yellow tint in vision or night blindness. These effects are usually reversible upon discontinuation of the compound.

Other potential side effects include testosterone suppression, which can be mitigated with appropriate PCT, and mild androgenic effects such as acne or hair loss in individuals predisposed to these conditions. As with any supplement or performance-enhancing substance, individual responses can vary, and it is important to closely monitor for any adverse effects.

Conclusion: S4 Andarine, a selective androgen receptor modulator, offers numerous potential benefits for individuals seeking muscle growth, fat loss, improved endurance, and bone health. Its unique properties make it an appealing alternative to traditional anabolic steroids. However, it is crucial to approach SARMs with caution, adhere to recommended dosages, and consult with professionals to ensure safe and responsible use.