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Fat Loss + Lean Muscle

3 mk2866
3 gw-501516
3 sr9009
3 rad140

PCT : 1 tamoxifen , 1 clomifen

total bottles 14

  • Increase Muscle Tissue

  • Crazy vascularity 

  • Drying properties 

  • Hardening effects 

  • Increase Power

  • Fat Mass Reduction Properties

  • Joint Healing Properties

  • Retain Muscle Tissue

  • Increase Strength In A Caloric Deficit

  • Join Healing Properties

  • Fat Mass Reduction Properties

  • Lean muscle 

  • Anti catabolic properties 

  • Increase Endurance

  • Increase strength 

  • Increase Energy

  • Increase Recovery

  • Increase Metabolic Rate

  • Fatty Acid Oxidation

  • Improve Insulin Sensitivity

  • Enhance Energy Utilization

  • Improved recovery and muscle growth 

  • 5% increase in calorie expenditure

TERMS: All products sold by APEX LABS are expressly intended for research and laboratory purposes only. These products are not designed, formulated, or approved for human consumption, medical, veterinary, or household applications.

It is strictly forbidden to use any products obtained from APEX LABS for any purposes other than research and laboratory use. This includes but is not limited to any form of consumption, medical treatment, veterinary use, or household application.

APEX LABS maintains a no-sell list of individuals and entities that have been found to violate our intended use policy. Any person or organization found to be using our products improperly will be added to this list, thereby prohibiting them from making future purchases from APEX LABS.

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