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TUDCA | Liver + overall health

TUDCA | Liver + overall health

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The Benefits of TUDCA

Bile plays many roles in the body. From aiding in digestion to maximizing vitamin absorption or eliminating waste, bile acids support a wide range of functions.

TUDCA is a bile acid that performs its job exceptionally well. Though humans only produce a small amount of it, TUDCA has a variety of benefits. TUDCA supports:

  • Brain function*
  • Liver health*
  • Kidney health*
  • Eye health*
  • Cellular health*
  • Gut microbiome*
  • Bile flow*

 Brain Health

Nootropics have skyrocketed in popularity recently. TUDCA may be a good fit if you’re looking to support memory and cognitive function..* TUDCA crosses the blood-brain barrier and has become a promising subject in the scientific community for its protective effects on the brain.

TUDCA is classified into a group of molecules known as chemical chaperones .These can be described as compounds that restore the correct destination of incorrectly localized or aggregated proteins by stabilizing their structure and facilitating the folding process.

Research studies show that TUDCA works to provide multi-system support.* It also acts to support mitochondrial stabilization and supports the prevention of cell death in several models of neurological disease.

* TUDCA also provides neuroprotective support

 Supports Insulin Sensitivity

Stress to the cell’s endoplasmic reticulum (ER) may cause many conditions that seem unrelated, as in diabetes. In lab animals given chemically-induced high blood sugar, for example, one study found a 43% reduction in blood glucose when treated with TUDCA.

It’s well known that bile acids are critically important for the digestive process, but they also act as signaling molecules in many tissues. One of these many tissues is the pancreas, which expresses specific receptors that regulate several cell functions.

Studies carried out with obese, overfed mice show that TUDCA supported healthy blood sugar levels and supported insulin sensitivity.* 

TUDCA is believed to increase energy burned at the cellular level, potentially affecting how the body regulates insulin. High blood sugar levels due to poor insulin use (high glucose levels) can actually damage endothelial cells––the cells lining blood vessels, lymphatic vessels, and organs. Under oxidative stress, TUDCA has been found to help support cellular health in the presence of too much glucose (sugar) .

 Supports Genetic Expression 

Amazingly, TUDCA may even impact your gene expression and DNA in certain ways. By reducing oxidative damage, stimulating mitochondrial function, and regulating apoptosis, TUDCA can also support protecting your DNA from damage.* 

In vitro studies have shown that TUDCA inhibited DNA fragmentation in neuronal cells, increasing rates of cell survival

 Liver Health

TUDCA supports overall liver health. A study was conducted on a group of people suffering from liver cirrhosis and high liver enzymes, who were given 750 milligrams (mg) of TUDCA for six months. TUDCA lowered one hundred percent of the participants’ liver enzymes . As a bonus, supplementing with this bile acid was very well tolerated amongst the study participants. Not even one of the people enrolled complained of any side effects.

 Supports a Healthy Gut Microbiome

The lining of your intestines has a thin layer of cells that create gates called tight junctions. These are the gatekeepers that determine what gets in and out of the gut. When our tight junctions lose integrity or spread out too far, they allow things that shouldn’t be in the bloodstream to pass through our intestinal lining. This condition is called leaky gut. 

Protein messengers in your gut regulate tight junctions, and these messengers signal the junctions to open or close, just like a gate. TUDCA helps these messengers to perform at their optimal levels, helping to support gut integrity and health.* TUDCA has also been shown to support microbiome health by promoting a healthy inflammation response.

 Kidney Protection

Mineral imbalances and excessive sodium in our diets are very common problems in our society. Soil mineral depletion combined with processed food consumption creates a recipe for poor kidney health. Studies show that TUDCA supports a healthy inflammation response in the kidneys.


TUDCA has been shown in studies to support a healthy immune response.

 Eye Health 

Could TUDCA be a potent protector of eye health? According to a number of research studies, the answer is yes! TUDCA supports eye health against a number of eye health complications and reduces the number of dysfunctional eye cells . If you’re looking to maintain peak eye health until you’re a centenarian, TUDCA may be just the support you’re looking for .

 Bile Support 

TUDCA has been shown to increase bile flow by as much as 250 percent! Not only does the research show that individuals who supplement with TUDCA experienced an increase in bile, but the composition of their bile also changed. It morphed into bile that contained higher amounts of compounds that positively assist digestion.

Mitochondria and Cellular Support 

Every single one of your cells has little power plants inside them called mitochondria. These tiny organelles generate roughly 90 percent of our body’s energy.  When our mitochondria aren’t functioning properly, we aren’t able to make adequate amounts of ATP, our energetic building blocks.

Mitochondrial dysfunction is often at the root of many chronic illnesses, and TUDCA has been shown to support mitochondrial health and improve energy output by producing more antioxidants and mitigating reactive oxygen species (free radicals).* Rather than triggering cell death, they did the exact opposite, with TUDCA sparking them to make more mitochondria . Prevention of cell death may affect us in many unexpected ways, reaching cells in the lining of organs such as the brain, heart, liver, and colon, as well as blood vessels and more .

The process of programmed cell death, or apoptosis, is a natural response to stress caused by viruses, free radicals, and cellular mutations. Apoptosis typically helps weed out old and defective cells through cellular disintegration. Sometimes, though, the wrong cells begin apoptosis, or the correct cells start apoptosis at the wrong time. Additionally, too many cells may enter apoptosis at once, or too few. When too few enter, it’s called excessive inhibited apoptosis, a condition associated with several diseases and conditions. TUDCA may support the regulation and stabilization of apoptosis to occur in the right cells at the right time.*

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