Turkesterone (NATURAL PRODUCT)

Turkesterone (NATURAL PRODUCT)

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60 cap bottle ; 550mg per cap
Turkesterone, otherwise known as Ajuga Turkestanica Extract, belongs to the group of ecdysteroids.

Ecdysteroids are naturally occurring steroid hormones of plants and arthropods. Research has shown them to be highly effective at building muscle and enhancing performance.

These ecdysteroids are naturally found in food sources like quinoa, spinach, and yams. However, the amount in these food sources is way too low to be effective.

Out of all the different ecdysteroids, the most common and biologically active ones are Ecdysterone and Turkesterone.

Because of their unique mechanism and the fact that they may positively impact muscle growth, they’ve become popular amongst bodybuilders. 


-Increased Lean Muscle Gains : by increasing muscle protein synthesis

-Accelerated Muscle Recovery:

Since ecdysteroids, including Turkesterone, may have the ability to raise muscle protein synthesis (MPS), you’re also likely to recover faster.

Recovery is crucial for multiple aspects of your performance, meaning it will be highly beneficial for this process to improve.

Many users point out that you’ll be able to handle more workload and intensity when taking it.

-Increased Strength