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Advanced Muscle Performance

Advanced Muscle Performance

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3 nasals total: 1 IGF, 1 CJC , 1 IPAMORELIN 

Unleash Your Ultimate Potential with the Apex Labs Advanced Muscle Performance Stack!

 Elevate Your Strength and Power

Prepare to redefine your limits as you step into a new realm of strength and power with the Apex Labs Advanced Muscle Performance Stack. Crafted for those who demand nothing less than peak performance, this stack is your gateway to unparalleled gains and unrivaled muscle development.

IGF-1 (Insulin-like Growth Factor 1)

IGF-1 is a powerful peptide that mimics the effects of natural growth hormone in the body. It plays a crucial role in muscle growth, cell repair, and overall tissue health. IGF-1 promotes protein synthesis, which leads to increased muscle fiber growth and enhanced recovery after intense training. By igniting growth at the cellular level, IGF-1 helps you achieve new levels of size and definition.


  • Stimulates muscle growth and hypertrophy.
  • Enhances recovery by promoting tissue repair.
  • Improves protein synthesis for increased muscle gains.
  • Supports overall strength and endurance.


Ipamorelin is a growth hormone-releasing peptide that triggers the body to produce more growth hormone. Unlike some other peptides, Ipamorelin offers a controlled and selective release of growth hormone, avoiding excessive spikes. This controlled release amplifies power, strength, and stamina while reducing the potential for unwanted side effects.


  • Increases natural growth hormone production.
  • Boosts strength, endurance, and workout performance.
  • Accelerates recovery, allowing for more frequent and intense training.
  • Enhances lean muscle mass and reduces body fat.

CJC-1295 (Modified Growth Hormone-Releasing Hormone)

CJC-1295 is a modified version of the natural growth hormone-releasing hormone. It prolongs the release of growth hormone, leading to sustained benefits for muscle growth, recovery, and overall performance. By elevating growth hormone levels over an extended period, CJC-1295 contributes to lasting improvements in strength, size, and fitness.


  • Induces a prolonged release of growth hormone.
  • Supports muscle growth and repair.
  • Enhances endurance and exercise capacity.
  • Promotes optimal recovery between workouts. 

How these peptides can work together to enhance muscle growth, recovery, and overall performance:

1. IGF-1 Synergy: IGF-1 is known for its ability to stimulate muscle growth and repair by promoting protein synthesis and cellular regeneration. When combined with Ipamorelin and CJC-1295, its effects are enhanced. Ipamorelin triggers the release of growth hormone, which stimulates the liver to produce IGF-1. This dual action amplifies the availability of IGF-1 in the body, promoting muscle growth, recovery, and tissue repair to a higher degree.

2. Growth Hormone Amplification: Ipamorelin and CJC-1295, both being growth hormone-releasing peptides, work together to optimize growth hormone levels. Ipamorelin provides a controlled release of growth hormone, avoiding excessive spikes, while CJC-1295 extends its release over a longer period. This continuous elevation of growth hormone levels supports muscle growth, strength, endurance, and recovery during and after workouts.

3. Sustained Recovery: CJC-1295 plays a crucial role in the synergy by ensuring sustained growth hormone release. This extended release not only contributes to muscle growth but also enhances recovery between training sessions. When combined with the tissue repair benefits of IGF-1, the recovery process is accelerated, enabling athletes to train harder and more frequently.

4. Endurance and Performance: The combined action of these peptides supports not only muscle growth but also endurance and overall workout performance. Elevated growth hormone levels enhance energy metabolism, allowing for increased exercise capacity and better endurance. This translates into more productive training sessions and improved athletic performance.

5. Minimized Side Effects: The controlled and selective release of growth hormone by Ipamorelin and CJC-1295 minimizes the risk of side effects often associated with sudden spikes in growth hormone levels. This ensures a safer and more consistent approach to boosting growth hormone, maximizing benefits while reducing potential downsides.

In essence, the synergy created by combining IGF-1, Ipamorelin, and CJC-1295 creates a powerful formula for enhancing muscle growth, recovery, endurance, and overall athletic performance. The peptides work in harmony to amplify the effects of each other, resulting in a comprehensive approach to achieving optimal fitness results.

 How this Peptide combo can potentially benefit bodybuilders and athletes: 

Muscle Growth and Hypertrophy:

  • IGF-1, a key player in muscle development, stimulates protein synthesis and cell growth. This peptide is particularly beneficial for bodybuilders seeking to maximize muscle gains and achieve a well-defined physique.
  • The synergistic effect of Ipamorelin and CJC-1295 promotes the sustained release of growth hormone, which is critical for muscle growth, recovery, and overall body composition improvement.

Enhanced Recovery:

  • Athletes and bodybuilders subject their bodies to intense training, which can lead to muscle damage and fatigue. The combined action of these peptides accelerates recovery by promoting tissue repair and reducing inflammation.
  • The extended growth hormone release facilitated by CJC-1295 contributes to efficient recovery between workouts, allowing for more frequent and intense training sessions.

Increased Strength and Endurance:

  • Elevating growth hormone levels through Ipamorelin and CJC-1295 supports increased strength, stamina, and exercise capacity. Athletes can push their limits, perform better during workouts, and excel in their respective sports.

Optimal Fat Loss:

  • The Peptide Fusion Stack indirectly aids fat loss by promoting muscle growth. Increased lean muscle mass can boost the body's basal metabolic rate, resulting in greater calorie expenditure even at rest.

Pre-Contest Preparation:

  • Bodybuilders entering competitions can benefit from the stack's ability to enhance muscle definition, recovery, and overall appearance. The synergistic effects support an optimal physique during the critical pre-contest phase.

 Long-Term Results:

  • The sustained benefits of the Peptide Fusion Stack make it suitable for athletes and bodybuilders looking to achieve long-term results. The stack's effects aren't limited to short bursts; they contribute to steady growth and performance improvement over time.

***As a responsible research company, we emphasize the importance of consulting with a qualified healthcare professional before starting any peptide regimen. Individual responses to peptides vary, and expert guidance is essential for personalized and safe usage.

TERMS: All products sold by APEX LABS are expressly intended for research and laboratory purposes only. These products are not designed, formulated, or approved for human consumption, medical, veterinary, or household applications.

It is strictly forbidden to use any products obtained from APEX LABS for any purposes other than research and laboratory use. This includes but is not limited to any form of consumption, medical treatment, veterinary use, or household application.

APEX LABS maintains a no-sell list of individuals and entities that have been found to violate our intended use policy. Any person or organization found to be using our products improperly will be added to this list, thereby prohibiting them from making future purchases from APEX LABS.


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